ClampTite Tool:


The ClampTite™ Tool will make a custom clamp that clamps anything, of any size, any shape, or any where with almost any type of wire. The tool that does it stronger for longer.

ClampTite™ custom clamps are better than worm gear and tenIMG_2570sion clamps in many ways. First of all IMG_7619if you over torque a worm gear clamp it causes the gears to strip out and the clamp is rendered useless. By using stainless wire instead of a flat flimsy metal strip the clamps are significantly lighter up to 90% to be exact. When tensioning the clamps the strength of the material and the wire are the only limiting factor. Using a high strength stainless wire and a piece of PVC pipe you can clearly see the amount of tension on the inside of the pipe. Since there is no screw to tighten the pressure is distributed evenly around the object being clamped thus eliminating flat spots and the chance of leaks.

We at Bluewater Marine & RV believe in the ClampTite™ tool so much, a tool is carried by all of our technicians and one is located in all our vehicles from boats, trucks and RV’s.IMG_2606 When fixing an emergency and your down to your last clamp and there is not a store open or in sight you will be glad you have your ClampTite™ in your tool box.

The strongest clamps are made with high grade stainless steel wire; but the tool will work with virtually all types of wire. These types of wire include bailing wire, ph-clamptite17stainless, locking wire, monel, mig welding wire off all types (aluminum, steel, flux core, stainless), tig welding rods, fence wire, galvanized wire, piano wire, coat hangers, copper wire, bronze wire, solid insulated electrical wire. Please look at the chart below on the recommended wire types.

The custom clamp making tool allows you to seal high pressure including : Welding gases, compressed air, A/C lines, fuel lines, coolant system hoses, CV-joint boots, U-joint boots,IMG_7629 hydraulic hoses pressurized and supply, power steering hose, exhaust pipes PEX water lines, propane hoses, water or garden hoses, fencing, fix broken tool handles such as hammers shovels chains on fences, garage door openers, thu-hull fittings, seacocks, antenna repair and building, shaft seals, winch cIMG_2581ables and straps, sewage lines, fresh water lines, ropes, shackles, splices, anchors, virtually all rigging of rope line, wire and chain on any vessel, virtually all hoses wires cables and plumbing in the marine and RV world, Irrigation hoses including drip system, fire hoses, pool and spa hoses, gutters, Battery Cables, Control, steering and throttle cables, The beauty of this tool is the fact of extreme torque which allows one to adapt a fitting or a hose to fit an application it wasn’t designed for.

The ClampTite™ Tool is great for individuals doing mobile service work, farming, landscapers, carpet cleaning, ranching, sailors and sailing, captains and captaining, poweIMG_7620r washing, carwash operators, mechanics in every industry, biking and cycling to include motorcycles, ham radio operators, amateur radio operators, drivers in the trucking industry and many many more. Everyone in every industry ought to have there own ClampTite™ Tool. Purchase yours now from our online store. This tool is built to be used every day for many years. The ClampTite™ Tool comes with lifetime warranty and is made in the U.S.A.

How can the various wire sizes by used

  • Use .032 wire: for small hoses (clamps) smaller than 1/2″ dia., for very small attachments (mechanical), and small projects.
  • Use .041 wire: for hoses (clamps) smaller than 1 1/2″ dia.; for small attachments (mechanical); for non-structual projects.
  • Use .051 wire: for hoses (clamps) larger than 1 1/2″ dia.; for wire wound or stiff hoses; for structual attachments (mechanical).
  • Use .062 wire: for hoses (clamps) for very large hoses (clamps) like 3-6″ dia.; pvc or large irrigation pipe; larger structual projects (mechanical) like posts/uprights for load bearing.
  • Use .090 wire: for large structual projects/repairs (mechanical) and load bearing projects.
  • General use: the clamptite tool is designed to work with any solid core wire, not stranded or loose wire

When should I use what tool?

  • Use the Standard Clamptite Tool for wire up to .080″ dia. (our .062″ dia.) or wire sizes .032″dia., .041″ dia., .051″ dia., and .062″ dia.
  • Use the Medium Clamptite Tool for wire up to .125″ dia. (our .090″ dia. ) and start at our wire size .041″ dia., .051″ dia., .062″ dia., and .090″ dia..
  • Use the Large Clamptite Tool for wire up to .250″ dia. and start at our wire .062″ dia, .090″ dia.

What are some wire type advantages?

  • Our stainless steel grade 304 wire is very corrosion resistant, has good strength, is annealed for ease of use, and is available in all our standard sizes as well as in a 1 lb can. It is the same stainless steel grade on most boat rails and external fittings.
  • Our stainless steel grade 316L wire is very corrosion resistant (more so than 304), has slightly less strength, is annealed but is more stiff and slightly more difficult to use then the 304. It is available from us in sizes .041″ dia. small rolls and large rolls.
  • Our 400 series wire (monel equivalent) is extremely corrosion resistant (for under water or similar uses), has much less strength, is flexible and easy to use, is dull grey in color. It is available from us in sizes .041″dia and small rolls.